Top Trends: No cheap snapbacks hat hair problems with these pretty, practical toppers.

One year, the emphasis is on gloves, the next, scarves. Hats are considered a necessity in northern climates and are often used as a clever way to hide the inevitable bad hair day. This season, we're experiencing a renaissance of millinery.

"Hats aren't just a bad hair staple," says Dajana Fabjanovich, lifestyle blogger at All Kinds of Lovely. "They complete an outfit. They make you look instantly put together, show off your personality and frankly, help you survive harsh Canadian winters."

"There is a plethora of choice out there, in terms of practical cheap snapbacks for sale free shipping that will keep you warm during the colder season," says Cecily Carlyle, a Toronto-based flight attendant with a keen eye for new fashion trends.

Felt fedoras, cashmere beanies, tuques emblazoned with the name of your neighbourhood — this is just a small sampling of the extensive headwear options available this year. The classic styles have been updated with unexpected twists and textures.

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