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Ryan Kilpatrick - 419-302-2079 - kilpatrick.18@gmail.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Beginner
Comments: Looking to crew for 2018 race or deliver boat back to Port Huron or onto Chicago after the race. Own and sail my Catalina 25 on inland lakes. Limited racing experience on Capri 25. ASA 101, 103, 104. Completed night passage through Lake St. Clair with heavy weather, rain, and limited sleep as part of 104, so some experience on night sailing demands, including limited sleep.

ws lirakis - 4012867140 - higherandfaster@gmail.com
Position: Not specified
Experience: Advanced
Comments: 9 transatlantic races, 12 bermuda races, 7 chicago-mac races, 5 fastnet races, 1 middle race, many more

Roger Harris - (416) 233-0565 - rcnmars@gmail.com
Position: Mast,Pit,Sewer,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: 20,000 NM offshore racing and ocean sailing experience including Caribbean 600, Fastnet, Lake Ontario 300. RYA Yachtmaster Ocean / Cruising Instructor.

Chris Miotke - 248-390-1888 - CMIOTKE@BEOWULF49.COM
Position: Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Tactician,Helm
Experience: Advanced
Comments: I have raced around 20 MACS, an atlantic crossing as Helm/NAV, Bermuda and many St. Clair races. the last dozen macs I was watch captaim, helm, navigator. very flexible just looking to sail. live in Clarkston and ready for a fun crew.

Collin Mulry - 6162141532 - collin.e.mulry@wmich.edu
Position: All Positions
Experience: Beginner
Comments: Hello all, I am looking to crew for the Bayview to Mackinac race! I am on Western Michigan University's Sailing Team and compete in the Catamaran Racing Association of Michigan with my Hobie 16 in the summers. This past fall I competed in the Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta on an Express 37 in Larchmont, NY where I became extremely interested in big boat racing! I am looking to get on any boat and help crew at any position needed! I am interested in crewing for the Chicago to Mackinac race as well! I'm a fast learner! You can call or text me on my cell at anytime, my number is listed above! Thank you, Collin

Chris McCardell - (810) 602-1043 - courtofficer@att.net
Position: Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Helm
Experience: Advanced
Comments: I have over 35 years of sailing/racing experience. I have raced 9 Port Huron-Mackinac races on a J33. My crew positions were Chef, Trimmer,Main& Helm.

Kyle Yeakle - 2603168804 - kjyeakle@hotmail.com
Position: Foredeck,Grinder,Jib Trimmer
Experience: Beginner
Comments: I am looking to get into the MAC racing. I have grown up on boats, spending a lot of summers on Lake Huron and Baie Fine. I currently crew for a Cal 29 out of Ford Yacht Club on their Wednesday night races. I also own a First 345 in which I spend my summer weekends cruising on Lake Huron/ Saginaw Bay area. I am looking to learn all and any positions available.

Fritz Woerner - 313-806-2004 - fritzwoerner@live.com
Position: Grinder
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: My name is Fritz Woerner and I am an enthusiastic sailor looking to do his first Mack. I have raced 420s all throughout last summer and did pretty well on my high school sail team`s fall season. I have also crewed on Warrior a few times and will continue this year. You can email or text me at anytime

Adam Goarley - 519-494-5657 - adamgoarleyphotography@gmail.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: I’ve been sailing for 8 years and racing lasers/keelboats with the FYC Race Team for the last 4 years. I’m also a professional photographer who can document the race and provide the crew and owner high quality photos of the regatta and onboard the boat. I’m also able to make a video edit of the regatta that is sure to wow it’s viewers. I hope that that I can be a great addition to your team during the next Regatta. If you would like to check out my work - www.adamgoarley.com

G. Turluck - turluck@comcast.net
Position: Mast,Pit,Sewer,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Helm
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Have 15 PH Macs, Chicago Goat+, 30,000 offshore miles+, have raced everything from dinghies to GL 70s (helmed to win 3 of 4 Chicago Macs in a row) to a square rigger. Do the grunt work and enjoy the fun, too. Will bring extras if it will help. Can provide references.

Cameron Rylance - 8435134500 - crylanc@g.clemson.edu
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Sewer,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Tactician,Helm,All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: I have raced extensively on the Great Lakes with 7 Macks, 2 Trans Superiors, Verve Cup, Chicago NOODS, Harbor Springs, Bayfield Raceweek and more. I have also done a lot of ocean racing out of Charleston, SC and Long Beach, CA. I have a much more extensive resume so if you have questions give me a call. I have held almost every position there is to have on a boat and I am open to any COMPETITIVE racing program. (I can also do delivery to Chicago after the race)

Chase Pointer - 2489418107 - satdude84@yahoo.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Beginner
Comments: Hello, looking to get out on the water and have some fun racing. I have very little experience racing but have asa 101,103 & 105 certifications. I own my own 44’ Ketch and have singlehanded the Florida Coast. Family obligations have kept me from my vessel which is dry docked in VA and I’m anxious to get out on the water.

matt warner - 2487633928 - warnanator@yahoo.com
Position: Foredeck,Pit,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Helm
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Looking to crew..Been sailing most of my life starting back at a very young age. I have sailed on C&C’s, J-Boats (35s and 120s), Catamarans, Catalina 30, Beneteau first, and Lightnings. Currently, I am a Lightning owner competitively racing in the Michigan Lightning District events and club racing. I belong the Pontiac Yacht Club that has the largest lightning fleet in the US so having 20 plus boats on a starting line is normal.

Mckenzie Frame - (313)384-0002 - mckenzieframe702@gmail.com
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Sewer,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer
Experience: Beginner
Comments: I recently started learning to sail on big boats last summer, however I have been sailing dinghies since I was 9. I currently am on the Western Michigan Sailing Team board as their Vice Commodore and have also coached junior sailing. I am a quick learner and willing to do whatever work is needed.

Stan Carroll - 2408767709 - skicarroll@aol.com
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Jib Trimmer,Helm
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Racing experience in the J/22, T10, J/30, S2 9.1, 40.7 and J/111 classes. Offshore races include Annapolis/Bermuda, Newport/Bermuda, Annapolis/Newport, Marblehead/Halifax, Fastnet, Chicago/Mackinac, Bayview/Mackinac and Super Mackinac. First Aid/CPR/AED, Red Cross, 4/25/18. Safety at Sea seminar and ISAF Race certificate, Annapolis, 3/29-30/14. 160 pounds. References and resume available.

Jim Bulin - 2483490254 - sailfast@fastmail.com.au
Position: Mast,Pit,Jib Trimmer
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: Old Salt looking to secure ride in 2018 BYC Mac. Have many Macs (over 30 BYC and 15 CYC) under my belt and can apply that experience to seasoned crew, a middle-of-the-pack crew or a crew in the cruising class. Have sailed on 30 to 50 footers, J109 last year. Have a passion for the navigation of long distance races but can fill in most positions. Learned from Sullivan and Replogle out of BYC on succession of yachts… North Star 35 (Rampage), Catalina 38 (Rampage) and Reichle Pugh 42 (Lobo) before the later went up in smoke in the Aggressive Marine fire. Crew finished well most races.

Pavel Hala - 7345467342 - phala@med.umich.edu
Position: All Positions
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: Hello, I am an exchange scholar in Ann Arbor for the year. I am looking for a sailing/racing opportunity for this summer. I have experience with both sailing and maintaining sailboats, I've sailed small Fireball sailboat, Soling and Yngling class and a 3-mast historical sailboat in the Atlantic. Let me know if you are looking for a crew. Thanks, Pavel

Kelly Johnson - "Hetaera" - Swan 431
Contact: 716-207-3873 - kjohnson@hadleyexhibits.com
Positions Needed: Foredeck,Mast,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Helm
Experience Desired: Intermediate
Comments: Looking for women sailors, Hetaera will be and all girl crew

Lisa Hachigian - "Absolute" - Peterson 37
Contact: 5865969355 - [isahachigian@yahoo.com
Positions Needed: Not specified
Experience Desired: Not specified
Comments: Absolute is looking for 2 experienced helmsmen for the Chicago Mackinac Race. The person should be comfortable steering with a tiller on a yacht with a triple spreader rig. Ideally you would be located in Southeast Michigan to have helm time before the race. Absolute is docked at North Star Sail Club and races on Tuesdays for the AYC Series. Please contact me if you are interested or know of someone who may be interested. Thank you for your consideration.

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