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'99 Mackinac Race
by Tom Jacobs

Last year for the cove island course and the 75th Anniversary.........

we came to the Huron side having won the Chicago-Mac race (our section). Feeling pretty good. A couple hours into the Bayview race, we got knocked down; by a nasty little squall line. Didn't look like much comin' at us........just a little ripple line......... shooting along the top of the water....put us right-down in the water and ripped the main in two; luff to leach.

Large quantities of rip-stop and duc-tape and we were on our way to win the Huron race; section I and the Blue Water Trophy. Our claim to fame....Back to Back Macs..

Tom Jacobs
1976 Heritage 1 ton.

If you have any stories or anecdotes about your racing the Mackinac Race or even some old racing pictures that you would like to share with us, please send them to mac-history@intercreate.com.

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