Competitor's Detailed Information

"Voyager - USA 33958"

Registration Information:
Owner's Name: Roy Lamphier
From: Pleasant Ridge, MI USA
Representing Club: Detroit Yacht Club
Registered Crew: 7
Course: Shore
Racing Class: Class G - Cruising
Division: Division II - Shore Course
Entry Status:
Rating and Other Information:
Skipper:Roy Lamphier
Rating Certificate Number:EZ10764
Race Rating: 0.7860
Rating Notes:
Race Reported Times:
Finish Time:Tuesday - 01:31:25
Elapsed Time:61:01:25
Corrected Time:47:57:52
Boat Information:
Sail Number:USA 33958
Boat Type:S2 9.1
Mfg. Date:1985
Hull Color:White
Spinnaker Colors:White

Crew List:

  • Christian Spencer - Beverly Hills, MI
  • Roy Lamphier - Pleasant Ridge, mi
  • Jill Lamphier - Pleasant Ridge, Michigan
  • Marina Lamphier - Pleasant Ridge, MI
  • Sophia Lamphier - Pleasant Ridge, MI
  • David Janssens - Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Gavin Lamphier - Pleasant Ridge, MI

    About Voyager...

    The Voyager is making its maiden voyage in the PH-Mac race. The crew is comprised of the old Voodoo Child contingent consisting of husband and wife, three kids, and a few die-hard friends who grew up sailing the Lake St.Clair circuit. This will be the first Mac race for three of the crew.

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