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1. What documents are required to participate in the race?
    You will be required to complete the following:
    • the race application form online - on this application the yacht must select a division: Cove Island Course, Shore Course or Multihull
    • complete the crew list form online - to complete this form you must submit the year born, name, complete address, emergency name and phone number, and sailing experience
    • check the certificate of compliance form
    • check the waiver / liability release
    • check the insurance compliance form
    • cmplete payment - this can be done online by credit card , club account number if a Bayview member, or by check

    All these items must be completed in full to be able to check in and considered registered. Please refer to the Notice of Race posted online.

    Approximately one week before boat check in you will be able to print a boarding pass that you must bring with you. Although you are still required to have an up to date life raft certificate, you must have it available if you receive a safety inspection. It is strongly recommended that the person in charge review the Mackinac Safety Regulations posted online under the menu item Official Board

2. Is there a minimum age and/or crew experience requirement for the race?
    There is no minimum age requirement to participate. It is the owner and skipper's responsibility to ensure that the crew is of proper age for the safety of the yacht. We do require a minimum distance and overnight experience for some of the crew. However, it is also the responsibility of the owner and skipper to ensure that the crew has had enough experience in order to safely participate in this offshore long distance event.
3. When should I expect to receive the application forms and other race documents?
    These item are posted online on the Bayview Mackinac site under the Official Board menu. Registration normally begins in February. Please also check the race web site regularly for all news and updates on the race.
4. How do I find crew or a boat to race?
    We do have a "Crew / Boat List" bulletin board for you to sign up and/or find help. Please check this areas regularly as it is updated often with new entries.
5. I don't have a Life Raft. Do I need to buy or can I rent one for the race?
    You can rent, buy or get help with Life Rafts from various sources. Please contact:
    Thomas Hardware
    95 Saint Jean
    Detroit, MI 48214
    Survival products, Inc.
    Hollywood, FL
    Wolverine Inflatables
    Hanson Bratton - 248.340.4407
    Mark Bratton - 586.747.0737

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