2020 Bayview Mackinac Race
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Current Race News...
02-Jul-2020 - 04:06pm

ATTENTION: Mackinac Racers,

The Port Huron Power Squadron is helping the Sailor’s participating in the Port Huron to Mackin
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02-Jul-2020 - 12:01am

Doyle Sails has been a long time supporter of our race and here's a special message from Al Declercq and Doyle Sails to all participants in the
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01-Jul-2020 - 10:31pm

Mackinac Island State Harbor to open slip reservations 8 a.m. Tuesday, July 7

Mackinac Island State Harbor to op
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Current Press Releases...
10-Mar-2020 - 11:57am

February 2020

I hope everyone is surviving the winter.

I believe everyone knows that for the ORR and ORR-ez certification process to work smoothly we must have good communication. Over the last few years we have been working with US Sailing and the Offshore Office to improve. Our conversations have not all been painless, but they all have been constructive and lead to greater cooperation. US Sailing has just sent the “heads up” below:

From: Jay Tyson <jwtj29@gmail.com>
Date: January 2, 2020 at 18:10:05 EST
Subject: Certificate Deadline

Just received first Bayview Mac Ez Renewal. It shows "First Race Date" of July 11 which I'm going to change to June 2 to match the requirement that Certificates be delivered by end of registration.

Want to share that we are going to increase prices as of March 1, 2020. Formal announcement coming soon but you might want to alert the folks that 

  • renewals go from $75 to $80
  • OD certs go from $25  to $35
  • Boats needing an Offset file created will have $50 charge, still way less than the $300+ for an ORC cert. The owner of these boats will be contact as soon as possible but it will be after the application is Submitted and Jim has had a chance to determine that the Offset needs to be generated.

Thanks, Jay

While we may not always like the message, we are being kept in the loop as soon as changes happen.

On the topic of cost, I have been asked several times, what do we do with all the money we make?  The assumption is that the race is an extremely profitable event with a large portion of that profit coming from the entry fees.  This could not be farther from the truth. In the long haul the race is a slightly better than break even venture. The club offsets a small amount of overhead with the race and we pay one full time administrator. Without the administrator we would not be able to run the race. The administrator works an almost full time job in the winter months taking care of the back office activities so when May comes around they can spend 60 hrs. a week or more, by mid-June this is a 24/7 job until September when all the books are closed on any given years race only to start the process all over again.

So when you see Melissa Wenzler thank her for giving us the last five years of her life and when you see Linda Rosiek thank her for the next five years of her life.

As far as entry fees, the fee covers only a small portion of the cost of running the amazing event we do. In 2019 entry fees covered 35% of our expenses.  This year we are looking for all opportunity to reduce cost while still providing a BYC caliber event!

Comparing our race to other distance races the Bayview Mackinac Race is a bargain. Recently I participated in a one-day costal race in Florida, it was amazing but expensive. Cost for a 40’ boat including party  ~ $2000 plus the PHRF cert and ORR cert not including travel and housing. 

There are two more races in this series and are similarly priced. The entry fee for a two-day Etchells regatta in Biscayne Bay is $250, a keg or two of beer and some food is included. This is some of the best racing in the world, it is not cheap, but well worth it.

The MRA is aware of the increasing cost and the impact on our participants.  We are doing all we can to keep the race affordable and fun.

Please Register ASAP!!

Chris Clark

2020 Race Chair

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