2020 Bayview Mackinac Race
Current Race News

Current Race News...
23-Jul-2020 - 07:24pm

Why didn't the RC protest boats that crossed the USA/Canadian International Border?

Because in the mode the trackers were set
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13-Jul-2020 - 09:46pm

Skipper Check in is now closed.

Any boat that has finished, or will be finis
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12-Jul-2020 - 05:07pm

Hello, Here is link to pictures from PH. Please share with media. We have nice traffic on gallery already??

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Current Press Releases...
05-May-2020 - 06:46pm

May 1, 2020 - Bayview Mackinac Race - Update

It is likely that Mackinac Island will start opening in the 3rd week of June. This is three weeks before the 2020 Bayview Mackinac Race and is adequate time for us to run the Race. Due to this compressed timing there will be some required adjustments.

  • Social activities on the island will be scaled back. What does this mean? I do not know. We are working with the Grand Hotel and will make an announcement clarifying the social activities on the island.
  • The Bluewater Festival in Port Huron was canceled last month. This does not impact the racers access to the docks in Port Huron. We are coordinating with the harbor master in Port Huron.
  • The Amended and Restated NOR has been posted on the race web site. Overall, the impact of these NOR changes do the following:
    • Cove Island Mark will not be set this year and the mark will be virtual. Tracked by Yellowbrick.
    • It allows the race to be finished and times entered for scoring by Yellowbrick. We will still have people at the finish line auditing Yellowbrick.
    • Removed reference to locations on Mackinac Island for activities. Locations will be updated on the race web site as the information becomes available.
    • Allow the Race Committee to consolidate the Cove Island and Shore Course and have the entire fleet sail the Shore Course. This will not be a last-minute decision, but we do not know when the decision will ne made. This will be based on entries.
  • I recognize that this timing may not work for everyone. Some people may not be able to work the logistics of what is effectively three weeks of final notice before the start of the race. With that said please:
    • If you can work with this timing it is critical you complete your entry
    • If you can work with this timing it is critical you apply for your appropriate 2020 ORR or ORR-ez certificate.
    • Confirm your reservations on Mackinac Island
    • If you cannot work with this timing please formally withdraw your entry. Given that we need to scale the activities to those that will be doing the race we need to know how many boats will be sailing.
  • I recognize that this timing may not work for all our volunteers. Please reach out to your committee chair or Linda linda@byc.com and let us know.

Discussion on Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick (YB) is a very powerful tool that historically we have only used a small subset of its capabilities. For purposes of previous races, the trackers have been configured to maximize battery life. This is the reason that the “Ping Rate” is set as it historically has. There is a very broad misconception that this is the limit of the tracker’s capability. This is NOT true. The GPS and communication system in the trackers is very sophisticated and very accurate. For the 2020 race we will be using more of the tracker’s features.

For the Virtual Cove Island mark:

  • A geofence (zone) will be established around the mark’s location. Once a boat enters this zone the tracker will record continuously, many points a second, until the boat exits the geofence. The data will be uploaded at the normally scheduled update times.
  • The same will be done at the finish. The finish line is described as a line extended from the Round Island Light House and a bearing described in the sailing instructions. When the boat passes this line the time will be recorded.
  • YB will be audited by finish like volunteers so we will not be solely dependent on YB.
  • Using YB for virtual marks, boundaries and finishing is very common. This is NOT new to YB or yachting. It is just new to the Mackinac Race.

What is the takeaway?

  • If you cut the Virtual Cove Island Mark, we will know, and we will have the technology to prove it.
  • If there is a scoring inquiry, we will have human and machine records to support the review.

General Questions we have received

Question Comment
Will there be a party in Port Huron? Not one sponsored by BYC
Will there be a party on Mackinac Island? Working on it, but will absolutely be scaled back.
Will my boat have a safety inspection on Mackinac Island? Yes there will still be random inspections.
Will Endless Summer band be on Mackinac Island? Working on it.
Will awards be handed out on Mackinac Island? Yes, we believe so
Will we have the finish line trailer on Mackinac Island? Do not know, but we may not
Will there be social distancing requirements on Mackinac Island? Not our call. This will be up to the Mackinac Island
Will there be changes before the start of the race? Absolutely!
Could the race still be canceled? Yes it could based on the conditions stated in the NOR.
Does Mackinac Island even want us on the island and can they accommodate us? The answer to both of these is a resounding yes! The Mackinac Island economy has been severely impacted. They want and need us to support them.

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