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Current Race News...
30-Oct-2020 - 05:06pm

97th Bayview Mackinac Race to adopt ORC Rating Rule

DETROIT, Michigan (October 30, 2020) – Bayview Yacht C
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30-Oct-2020 - 05:06pm

97th Bayview Mackinac Race to adopt ORC Rating Rule

DETROIT, Michigan (October 30, 2020) – Bayview Yacht C
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25-Aug-2020 - 10:19am

August 25, 2020

As was communicated to you on August 7th, we have worked out the Mackinac Island slip refunds to be at
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24-Jun-2020 - 01:28pm

Bayview Mackinac Race - Update - June 24, 2020

Current items to update everyone on.

  • The race is NOT canceled
  • I am very disappointed to report that the Mackinac Island Harbor will NOT be available to the race this year. After months of promises, the DNR has finally sent the requirements that the race must comply with. After reviewing the contract, we have determined that it is impossible to comply. In our opinion the requirements go well beyond all other controls currently in place at any other place on the island and other state facilities.
  • Since the issue with the DNR is specifically related to the "Event" and not private citizens we have officially informed the DNR that we will not be utilizing the harbor and have requested that the docks released and made available for private reservation. It is now in the DNR's hands to make these docks available.
  • Everyone competing in the race is now responsible for individually arranging docking for their boat after the race.
  • The DNR has provided cursory availability at nearby state harbors. Currently, I do not trust that data enough to share it. I strongly encourage everyone to go online or call the harbors directly to make reservations.
  • I strongly encourage calling the Mackinac Island Harbor to make a reservation. As stated above we have requested that these docks be made available for reservations.
  • There will be very short term tie up at the coal docks. This time will be limited to a couple of hours. You will be able to tie up, drop off crew, organize the boat and then the boat MUST leave so we can accommodate other boats.
  • Based on this information, any boat that wants to withdraw because we will not have access to the harbor at this time can do so by 30 June 2020. You can choose to have a refund or apply your entry fee to the 2021 race.
  • For those that chose to compete in the race, after we understand the harbor situation, there will be an adjustment to the entry fee to rebate the portion of the entry fee that is used to pay for the harbor. We do NOT know how much this will be, or when we will be able to determine what it will be, or how it will be disbursed.
  • The Awards on Mackinac Island are canceled. The flag awards will be given at Bayview Yacht Club as soon as can be practically arranged after the race. Likely sometime in August but that is not set in stone.
  • I want to make it very clear that this is a DNR issue and NOT a Mackinac Island issue. The Island is open for business, looks great and raring to go. Some businesses have not opened yet but most are open. There are a very few that have posted signs that they will not be opening in 2020.
  • I completely understand that this amount of uncertainty may be the last straw for some of you. Please inform Linda (linda@byc.com) or me (mackchair2020@byc.com) ASAP if you are withdrawing from the race.
  • We have received the following Warning from Custom Border Patrol. The border closure has been extended to July 21 at 2359 hrs., any pleasure boats, including the sailors, are NOT allowed to cross the imaginary border line. They are considered Non-Essential Craft. Please make sure all the skippers understand this issue.
  • I strongly encourage everyone to focus on the positive. We are racing and very few others are this season. Let's sail hard, have fun and stay safe.
  • Stay Patient and Stay Flexible. The only known this year is there will be more changes.

Chris Clark
Chairman - 2020 Bayview Mackinac Race

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