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Current Race News...
05-Jul-2020 - 12:49pm

Bayview Mackinac Race - Update - July 4, 2020

Current items to update everyone on.

02-Jul-2020 - 04:06pm

ATTENTION: Mackinac Racers,

The Port Huron Power Squadron is helping the Sailor’s participating in the Port Huron to Mackin
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02-Jul-2020 - 12:01am

Doyle Sails has been a long time supporter of our race and here's a special message from Al Declercq and Doyle Sails to all participants in the
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30-Jun-2020 - 10:12pm

Bayview Mackinac Race - Update - June 30, 2020

Current items to update everyone on:

  • The race is NOT canceled
  • On top of the challenge we are already facing it appears that there will likely be more:
    • We have just received information from officials close to the situation that some time before the start of the race there may be a new order to shut down bars and restaurants.
    • This information has credibility given the uptick of cases in some areas of Michigan.
    • The reported date of the shut down would be just a few days before the start of the race.
    • We have attempted to confirm this potential closure through all our sources and one thing that is clear, most believe it is likely to happen, but no one is clear as to how much of the state will be impacted. Some say the entire state, some say just selected relatively small geographic areas.
    • Obviously, this would create unique problems on Mackinac Island since it is a geographically isolated tourist location.
  • Due to this new information:
    • We are extending the withdrawal date as previously defined to 5 July 2020.
    • It is very unlikely that the race will have a finish line personal/trailer on the island.
    • The race will be scored electronically using Yellowbrick.
    • The coal dock will be kept for touch and go.
    • It is unlikely there will be a significant race presence at the coal dock.
    • It will be the boat Owners or PIC's responsibility to return the tracker to Bayview Yacht Club. If possible, we will establish some collection points off Mackinac Island. No Guarantee.
  • We are putting this information out so that people have time to consider and possibly make accommodations for crew at locations other than the Island. If we waited until all the unknowns were known, it would be impossible to adjust accommodations and other travel plans.
  • I know this is asking people to make decisions quickly based on very little information, but I feel we have no other option but to provide you this information and let you make your own decisions.
  • I completely understand that this amount of uncertainty may be yet another last straw for some of you. Please inform Linda (linda@byc.com) or me (mackchair2020@byc.com) ASAP if you are withdrawing from the race.
  • I strongly encourage everyone to focus on the positive. We are racing and very few others are this season. Let's sail hard, have fun and stay safe.
  • Stay Patient and Stay Flexible. The only known this year is there will be more changes.

Chris Clark
Chairman - 2020 Bayview Mackinac Race

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