2021 Bayview Mackinac Race
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Current Race News...
23-Jul-2021 - 01:48pm

Remember that you do need to register before the race today from
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21-Jul-2021 - 07:45am

Mackinac Sailors!

Amendment #1 to the Sailing Instructions are posted, which contains starting times and backstay pennant colors.
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16-Jul-2021 - 09:13am

Mackinac Sailors!
The Sailing Instructions have been posted.  Please review, and while you are at it, take another look at the Notice o
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20-Jul-2021 - 04:43pm - *** Press Release ***

2021 Bayview Mackinac Race Featured a Strong Field of Competitors, New Sponsors and the Return of the Post-Race Party on The Island(read more...)

14-Jul-2021 - 10:07am

Mackinac Sailors!

We are 10 days out from the start of the race!  Always exciting – and busy – times.  Let me answer the question that I have been asked the most: Yes, we are having an Awards Party, and yes, Endless Summer Band will be there.  Good times!

The Sailing Instructions will be posted today.  It is my strong suggestion that you review them in detail, as well as the Notice of Race and all NOR Amendments.  I get many emails every day and 90% of the questions can be answered by reviewing the NOR and Sis.

There are a couple of minor changes this year.  The Skipper Check-In Desk will be located in the lobby of the Chippewa Hotel.  For those who did not manage to get a well on the Island (we are all frustrated over that), you can “touch and go” at the Coal Docks and send someone up to check-in.  An alternative we have developed is that if you don’t want to touch and go, you can email your boat name, sail number and finish time to macfinish@byc.com.  You should get an automated response that the email has been received.  This will constitute a valid check-in, but you will still be responsible to make sure your location tracker (YB) gets turned in properly and on time.  You may bring it to the Island with you and turn it in at the Check-In Desk, give it to an authorized Race Committee member (get a receipt), or over-night mail or deliver it to Bayview Yacht Club, making sure it gets there on or before 1700 hours on Friday, July 30, 2021.

Because we know that some of you will elect to not touch and go, Awards Party stickers will be contained in your Skippers Packet at Registration, either at Bayview Yacht Club on Thursday, July 22, 2021 or at Port Huron Yacht Club on Friday, July 23, 2021.  Make sure you put those onboard!  And don’t worry, we will get your Mackinac Race completion medallions to you.  We won’t forget that.  If you come to the Island, you can get them at the Skipper Check-In Desk or we will mail them to you.  Those are important.

That is all for now.  Do not hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions.  I monitor my email often.

Greg Thomas

2021 Bayview Mackinac Race Chair


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